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Business And Professional Women Organization  General Report On The Organization Activities From  2015-2018

Business and Professional Women Organization General report on the organization activities from 2015-2018

Date: 11/12/2018

Report’s contents :

1- Background on BPWO organization .

2- Executive summary

3-Organization,s main objectives

4- Organization’s general objectives and strategies

5-projects implemented from 2015-2018

6- BPWO’s  participation in international forums( Korean experience)

7- Table shows the organisation’s activities


Brief background on BPWO:

BPWO is non-profit  voluntary organization, established in 2006 working  on women  economic empowerment  and capacity building for achieving the purpose of rural  and sustainable development.

Organization main objectives:

1- empowering the community economically through supporting women activities in different sectors ( small business ).

2- encouraging the disadvantages , especially, poor women in rural area to create their own business and providing them with means of production , to increase the  income levels and reduce poverty.

3- networking with different stakeholders ( Government ,NNGOs, INGOs,CBOs).

Executive summary :

This report is aiming at  revelling  the organization achievements from 2015- 2018 whereby BPWO in collaboration with UNHCR,  WFP, UNDP and UN women  , have succeeded to implement many  projects through depending heavily on  providing  vocational training and small business management. BPWO has  targeted different beneficiaries from Sudan  500 of  returnees , 300 of IDPs   in Darfur, 700 smallholder in White Nile  while,  from outside Sudan BPWO  has worked   with 700   refugees and asylum in Khartoum state including   ( south Sudan , Ethiopian and Eritrean, Congolese , Yemenis and Syrian ).

Organization generals objectives and strategy:

1- provide women and young girls with access to education , vocational and technical training .in addition to, benefiting form information technology in education.

2-encourage women to undertake small business to achieve economic independency and self-reliance

3-support women activities in small and  medium industries so they can contribute to sustainable development.

4- build the capacity of vulnerable group from men.

To insure economic empowerment and  achieve the above mentioned objectives BPWO relies on divers tools and strategies including the following:

  •  establishment  of learning , training and educational centre to reduce and compact literacy in both side

1-train women and girls to manage small projects financially and technically.

2-distributing start –up kits and cash grant

3-Encourage women to participate in  international forums and adopt the means of peoples diplomacy and friendships between nations

4-organizing workshops.

5- Providing microfinance and small business .

Projects implemented from 2015-2018

As   BPWOs  policies and objective  concentrate on  empowering women  economically, politically and socially  , it is  worth to mention that , in all projects implemented  women have constituted 70% of targeted group while men have constituted 30%.

To insure long term development  and attain   the goals of  gender equality , economic empowerment and self-reliance BPWO has provided  beneficiaries from both gender  with raising awareness  activities ,  traditional and  vocational training  which are included the following  different activities:

1- food processing         4-Local perform        7-plumping              10- Welding

2-Hair dressing              5- Henna                   8- Air condition        11- Hand craft

3-Soap making              6-general electricity   9-Mobil cell phone maintenance   12- Mechanics .

Supporting the training activities in 2018,  a number   700 of beneficiaries from different nationalities  have given a package contained    certification , the  required tool kits for each activity besides  cash grant of 300 SDG for each individual coupled with a graduation ceremony for Yeminis and South Sudan population. on the other hand, BPWO in partnership with WFP and ministry of agriculture  is working to provide 700 farmers with training skills management in White Nile with focus  on avoiding post harvest losses and increasing food availability.    While in 2017 the livelihood promotion aimed to built the capacity of   400 south Sudan refugees     300 of them are  women not only this but also provided them with tools after completing the training  so they can be able to start their own business and help their families.

This table illustrates  the projects that have been implemented by BPWO:

Targeted numbers

Targeted group


Year Donors Project NO
700  Urban Refugees and asylum seekers Khartoum State 2018 UNHCR Promotion of livelihood 1
700 Small holders/ farmers White Nile 2018 WFP Preventing post harvest losses 2
600 Refugees and asylum seekers Khartoum State 2017 UNHCR Promotion of livelihood 3
300 IDPs Darfur State 2017 UN women Compacting GBV 4
500 Refugees and asylum seekers Khartoum State 2016 UNHCR Promotion of livelihood 5
500 Returnees Darfur State 2015 FAO

  Promotion of livelihood