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The IFBPW branch established by its founder Dr. Lina Philips in the year 1930 as it has 80 branches in different countries in the five continents. The federation enjoys a consultative status to the United Nation (Economic Social Council ) ECOSOC. and also with the Europe Council. The Federation consist in it’s membership :
Women Leadership, Businessmen, Business owners Executive Managers, Professionals and Youth with skills.
The Federation works with the United Nations in supporting women issues and the status of women. IFBPW get the Ambassador of Peace Certificate ,have representative in the U.N headquarters in New York, Vienna, Geneva and the regional officers of U.N ( The African Economic Committee, Europe Economic Community for the Caribbean, the Atlantic, UNICCO- International Labor (ILO) –UNICEF- World Health Organization (WHO) –UNIDO- Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) –Media Affairs Department at the U.N-The European Council- Europe Women Lobby Group.
International Federation Ambition:
The equal participation of women and men in government authorities and taking role in decision making.
IFBPW Objectives:
The improvement of the technical capacities and leadership of women on all levels.